When I was younger and had to do homework around the dining table, one of my uncles would always check my work to see if it was right — If my handwriting was sloppy I had to rip the paper out of the book and start the entire thing over again — It would tick me off but I always knew it was for a purpose.

People used to say I write like a girl…. I always looked confused cause I didn’t know females have a certain way of writing — neat ? I enjoyed having solid handwriting and it got to a point where I would only use certain type of pens because they made my handwriting stand out the best — I also stopped using pencils because I couldn’t take the sound they made when I wrote with them…

I’ve always appreciated my handwriting and have gotten to a point where even if it looks decent i’m still finding flaws with it lol — -with that being said, I wrote a list of the poems/tracks that I have completed and in which project they are heading to…. then ripped the pages out and started it again — it just didn’t look good to me —-

I have 32 completed right now…. a bit later I will continue the process.