Are you like
The likes I have liked or
Do you love
Like the love I once loved or
Is your love like the like in love
Love, I’d love to more than like you
Those that were once like you,
No longer know how to love
And I know – that my love would like to love you
Like like squared – like like squared off to fight for love
Like like squared off and formed a heart
Safety belt, I’m not beat to fall out of love –
Like broken hearts and empty cages
Love I’d love you like a melting universe
One spaceship, one seat and a broken navigational system
One last breath and we’d land somewhere
Like …. Like …
Like maybe out of my dreams – I’ve been dreaming
The same dream and right before we fell in love
Slapped into reality or the reality that my reality
Has really been my dreams and I want to go back to sleep forever
For forever you’ve been my dejavu and I’m wondering are you the 10th
Wonder of the world woman, or just a wondering woman
In the dreams of what I would like my reality to feel like one day
To breathe like
To be like – 3 courageous beams holding the tower of pisa
Invisible to the naked eye
But I’d clothe you magnificently like the emporer’s smile
Empress, your impression impressed me to press pressure on my bleeding chest
No gleaming S
I’m only human – a transparent mask – there is beauty in this beast
Peace- is what I bring you in a picnic basket
All I ask In return is for u to stop hiding in the house
Cause I know you are tired of tryna mask it
Diet pills, tread mills, treading lightly if you should eat the next meal
Trying to squeeze into 3 sizes too small to get a did you lose weight compliment
You should be proud of your accomplishment of not looking like my stick figure drawings
In 3rd grade art class –
You are art that escaped from Picasso’s canvas
The right direction on every compass
And if you come pass my way
I wouldn’t pass up on an offer to offer you
Any and everything that leaked from your voice box
Box your way out of stereotypes that you aren’t beautiful
that men don’t look at their skinny minny women in disgust before going to bed
thinking about how you almost gave them whip lash earlier in the day
the way you make my day, anorexic women might as well say good night
cause even if rich I wouldn’t pay them any attention
wouldn’t look their way if looking the other way meant I would be blind –
There is erotic in your exotic –
A certain way of doing things that other women wouldn’t understand
And for that – if the world stopped spinning tomorrow –
You would be the driving force- to put it back on its axis.

© Poetic Assasin 2011