This section of the blog was supposed to be for my tracks/video, but you have to pay extra to upload music on here — so I might just put links to direct you all to where the music is — anyway, I am a fan of hip-hop, so as well as my stuff I will use this part to talk about the music of others —- not just hip hop (just changed my mind right at this moment) —

Through the years i’ve been an off an on again fan of Jim Jones — haven’t bought his last few albums though, just lacked my interest —- he does have this song, I think it’s called “a new day” and a video with it also where he has a lady doing sign language and he himself does sign language…. love the video, simple positive and I feel it works…. at his age and point in his career I wish he did more of that —

Sometimes you want to hear some hard hitting music, something to nod your head and make the screw face, but these rappers are always killing or selling drugs — who are they killing ? who are they selling these drugs to ? and why are they still doing it ? or if it was all in the past, 1) how have they been so elusive and why are they incriminating theirselves and 2) with all this money they have and all this traveling and things they do why not rap about something else ?

listening to his track now called “crash” where he is talkin about a recent accident he was in — unfortunate situation but I love this song —-

I guess I just like hearing music that I can relate to… I can’t relate to killing the next man for whatever reason, or selling someone a drug that can do permanent damage to them… I dunno…